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Alfie BT also favourite chew

Alfie BT Favourite Chew

Silicone Feeding Mats
WW (Sydney, AU)
Popular and Practical

I already had the Silicone Feeding Mats for our cats ... and they were admired by a family member who also has a cat, so they wanted a couple as well. Very easy to clean and look after. Prompt delivery too.

Beef Marrow Dog Chew | Original
Andrea Graham (Brisbane, AU)
Love my Chewey

Our Westie ( nothing but the best) Aileen. Loves her chewey, a Beef Marrow bone. As an indoor dweller she does not get animal bones to chew and mess up the carpet. To keep her content and her teeth in good condition we give her
Beef marrow shaped like a bone, which is also nutritious. She also loves to play with her chewey and toss it around and play with it.

Dog Cheese Chew | Chicken
Marg G. (Melbourne, AU)
Pluto's Dog Cheese Chews Save My Shoes

My 7month old Alfie BT loves his large-sized healthy Plutos cheese, chicken and peanut butter chews - keeps him sharp teeth occupied away from my shoes, furniture and the laundry wall!
Online orders arrive quickly in a handy zip storage pouch.
He also enjoys training with Daily Rewards - handy yummy *Roast Chicken & Pumpkin Pocket Packs.

Natural Dog Snout Soother | Tin
Heather Larsen (Melbourne, AU)
Fantastic product

Snout soother has worked wonders on our dogs nose! Truly amazing 👏

Botanic Dog Harness
Jacqui Hart (Brisbane, AU)
Gift for Pippa Australian Terrier

Very happy with all the items from Peticular and how pleasant they were to deal with. Will be back for sure😁💕

Good for keeping my frenchies nose looking good - she doesn’t like it though - she runs as soon as I grab the tin

Fish & Chips Dog Biscuits
Marg G. (Melbourne, AU)
Crunch & Munch

Rosie, my 11 Year old Border Terrier, loves her every now & then Fish & Chips treats.

Snap & Stay Dog Lead
Annie (Sydney, AU)
Best dog leash for arthritic hands

I love these leashes - they have a well padded handle, which is great for my arthritis. They also clip open and shut at the handle to allow you to park your dog anytime you are at a cafe or out and about. Really practical, and they wash well too. Service from this store was quick and item arrived in perfect condition from interstate.

Natural Dog Snout Soother | Tin
Peter Doherty (Melbourne, AU)
It works

We had tried all sorts of remedies, found this product during a google search. I'm happy to say our gorgeous bulldog doesn't look like she has mud on her nose. It's early days but it's improved already

Zee.Cat Moss Naturals Cat Collar
Frances (Melbourne, AU)
Nice but...

It looks nice, as pictured but it keeps loosening on it own. Not had this problem with other collars. Its not the end of the world as my cat leaves it alone but its annoying to keep tightening

Rocky Reindeer Dog Toy
Linda Grace (Melbourne, AU)
He is surviving

My Bertie loves to ruin/chew/destroy toys. I got him the big reindeer and he has been taking it everywhere with him, even to bed at night. Not one little chew!!! It’s a few weeks now and it is still intact. I have bought him so called indestructible toys but he always finds a way. Reindeer is surviving. I love that!!!!!

Yoghurt Drops Dog Treats | Banana
Great service

Rosie lives these yogurt drops. It was a very pleasant surprise to have a company send me an email saying the drops had been dispatched and they'd instructed the courier not to leave them in the sun. Will repurchase from Peticular.

Beautiful, thick- and most importantly- easy to clean. Thank you :D

Car Headrest Dog Restraint | Morocco
Ellen (Melbourne, AU)

Sturdy and fit for purpose

That Leopard Print Cat Collar & Bow Tie
Ellen (Melbourne, AU)

Beautiful, high quality collar that looks stunning on my moggie

Star wars harness

So great, looks awesome on my dog , lots of people love it , fits great too

Dog Cheese Chew | Puppy
Marg G. (Melbourne, AU)

Good value, quality (always supervised) puppy chew.

Great bandana

love this bandana, good quality, quick delivery

Zee.Cat Phantom Cat Collar
Maggie McCann (Launceston, AU)
Zee cat Phantom Cat Collar

The colours are gorgeous and the collar is easy to put on the cat but it needs a bell.

Yoghurt Drop Treats | Banana
Mel McDermott (Melbourne, AU)

Great little treat for dogs - Peggy loves them !

Great cards

Good little cards with a happy dogs theme.

Houndbury Bow Tie
Jon (Sydney, AU)
Doggy Bow Tie

I love it!

Freeze Dried Treats | Sardines
Valda Young (Sydney, AU)
Freeze dried sardines

Both my cats ( Red Princess and Botany Bay) absolutely loved these freeze dried Raw Sardines. I have to cut them up for the Red Princess but Botany Bay manages on his own.
I bought toys as well and the order was shipped and received quickly. I recommend Peticular!