Silver Bullet For Parasite Prevention

Silver Bullet For Parasite Prevention

One of the biggest complaints we get is the confusion over all of the different flea, tick, worm and heartworm treatments available on the market. There are a lot out there and remembering what to take when can be a little daunting. We get it. Also trying to remember what the vet gave your dog at its annual check-up.

Well finally the clever folk who created NexGard have formulated a new monthly chewable treatment that does the lot! It's called NexGard Spectra; a revolutionary new parasite prevention product which protects your dog from fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and heartworms for a full month.

Paralysis ticks can be fatal for your dog, so prevention is essential if you live in a tick-prone area. Paralysis ticks are found in most areas of the east coast of Australia and can be active all year round in warmer climates. Dogs can pick up ticks in their fur when moving through areas of long grass or scrub. Once attached to the skin, Paralysis ticks feed on your dog's blood, while also releasing a deadly toxin. This toxin causes paralysis, beginning with a change of voice, weakness in the back legs and trouble blinking or swallowing. Without treatment the symptoms progress to paralysis of the muscles of breathing, resulting in death.

Nexgard Spectra also protects your dog from deadly heartworm. Immature heartworm larvae are spread by mosquito bites. When the adults mature they live in the vessels of the heart and lungs, and can reach up to 30cm in length. Left untreated, heartworm disease causes heart failure and sadly death. Treatment for heartworm is dangerous and expensive, so prevention is essential.

So it's exciting to see a product like this finally arrive on the market - the silver bullet of parasite prevention. One chew, each month, for full protection.