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Tips On Choosing The Right Bed For Your Pet

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Tips On Choosing The Right Bed For Your Pet

When it comes to pet beds, the old adage is true - you get what you pay for! Everyone wants value, but that doesn’t necessarily mean buying the cheapest. A quality bed should last your pet many years. Here are five tips on what to look for when buying a pet bed from our friends at P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle & You):

  • Ensure the bed is washable. You don’t want a stinky bed in your home that you can’t clean or that falls apart after one wash. Look for bed designs that offer removable covers and even washable filler like our beds.
  • Make a design statement. Your pet is part of the family, so their beds are often out on display in the home rather than hidden away. With the options available today, you can make a real design statement with a pet bed that complements the décor of your home.  
  • Durability is key. You don’t want to be having to throw the bed away every couple of months, you want something that lasts! Look for quality beds that are double stitched, use high grade materials and have a sleeve to protect the zip lining.
  • Pets are no different to us - comfort is king! Look for beds made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton or upholstery grade fabrics so they feel great. A plump filler is important too - make sure it provides the ergonomic support your pet needs.
  • Select the right size and style of bed. This sounds obvious, but it is really important to select a bed that is appropriate for your pet. Both weight and length, along with sleeping position, should to be taken into account when deciding what size and design of bed to get. If your pet seems to be between sizes, always go with the bigger size bed.

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