Boys (And Girls) And Their Toys

Boys (And Girls) And Their Toys

The world of pets and their toys is a fun one. We're not sure what your pet is like, but our dog loves both sides of the fence. On the one hand he plays rough with his toys (particularly when the neighbours' dogs like to join in). There's often a bit of tug-o-war and general chewing by the winning canine!

Then on the other hand he loves a bit of a plush squeaky toy, particularly when he is on his own. He will run round and round the dining room table with it in his mouth, desperate to be chased!

It was this insight that led us to wanting to offer the best of both worlds at Peticular.

For the rough and tough play, we scoured the range of toys out there and there were two brands that stood apart. Firstly, West Paw Design; they come in bright colours, they float on water and they are as tough as nails. The tug-o-war Bumi toy (odd name, awesome toy!) in particular is perfect for the moments when all the dogs want the toy! 

From a plush toy perspective, it's all about fun! And there is no better range than the unique Haute Diggity Dog range of toys. From Bark Jacobs and Chewy Vuiton handbags to Licksilver surfboards and Red Bull Dog - this is the most fun you and your pet can have with a toy. Your pet will love them and you and your friends will have a good laugh at the same time.

Whatever toys your pup loves to play with, we hope we have something that really suits your needs.