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Luxurious Beds for Your Dog or Cat This Winter

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Luxurious Beds for Your Dog or Cat This Winter

Your cat or dog deserves a comfortable bed to sleep on. It should be somewhere clean, dry, and away from draughts or direct heat, a place where they can be left in peace to snooze the night (or day) away. To give you pet the best chance of uninterrupted sleep Bupa Pet Insurance recently published an article containing a list of pet beds that are as comfortable as they are stylish. We were delighted to contribute to the article with our advice on choosing the paw-fect pet bed.

‘Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day, make them count with a pod bed by Heffer,’ reads the article. ‘The chrome and coloured felt capsules are the perfect haven for restoring energy levels. Raised up high on a stainless steel platform, they offer an elevated view of the world and help keep your kitty cool or warm as the season requires.’

Although the pods from Heffer were the recommended choice for cats in the article, we have a great range for our doggie companions as well.

Choosing a Pet Bed 

The kind of bed you choose depends on many factors. The breed and size of your dog will determine the size of the bed. The perfect bed for your pet will also depend on the environment in which he will be sleeping, how much space you have, his preference and yours, and whether it will be his main bed or just an extra one for a different part of the house.

If you need a bed to keep him warm, then fleece, fur and faux-suede make for a cosy combination. The eco-friendly Snuggle Bed from Peticular is stitched with luxurious faux fur on one side and cool cotton canvas on the other so it is suitable for all seasons.

If your dog likes to chew, then consider a plastic or leather bed, which will be more durable. These materials may be a wise option if you have a young dog. Also, ask yourself whether you will want to wash your pet’s bedding at home and whether you will need to transport it in the car. 

Pet beds can resemble large cushions, pads, mats or a doona. Chill Pads, like those available from Peticular, are light and easy to transport and are ideal to use in the car or in your dog’s crate.

Dog beds come in different sizes, just like dogs themselves. Which one you choose will depend on the breed of dog you have, there’s no use buying a Chihuahua a large castle, as this could make them feel anxious. Similarly, it’s worth hunting out an extra-large bed if you have a German Shepherd or the equivalent.

Take a look at Peticular’s range of pet beds for more information and details about the types of beds available.

For more great tips on finding the pet bed that’s right for your four-legged friend, check out Bupa’s article: 'Spoil Your Dog or Cat with a Luxury Pet Bed​'

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