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Dog Collars - One Size Does Not Fit All!

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Dog Collars - One Size Does Not Fit All!

It is really important when you are looking for a new collar for your dog that you weigh up all of the different options and brands out there. Generally cheap collars will only last a short amount of time before everyday wear and tear starts to take its toll. You kind of get what you pay for with pet products...

If you are looking for something highly durable, then ranges like our Walk-e-Woo collars offer really tough canvas fabric that won't fade, tear or wear.

At the more premium end, the FOUND My Animal range look absolutely amazing on any dog; they are crafted from beautiful leather and rope,  and really take the look of your dog up a notch. They are also tough and built to last.

In the Peticular household, we tend to have two collars for our pets; one for everyday wear and then a more special one for occasions like when we have guests over. This system works really well for us.

When deciding which is the best size collar to fit your pooch, take a tape measure and put it around the area of the neck where the collar generally settles. Then insert two fingers under the tape measure to allow for some movement (you don't want it choking him or her!). This is the ideal size of the collar you should get for your dog.

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